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League Media / Re: The Slapshot S6 E6: Playoff Hockey
« on: March 28, 2014, 10:46:42 PM »
thanks for not bashin on my soccer, ive been busy with school and stuff, plus my account got suspended for a week and allshit, and trouble didnt wanna help out when his time came. i salute bandit and jrkface for the help they did the last week.

GamingRendo Hockey League / Re: Season 7 Signups
« on: March 28, 2014, 10:42:56 PM »
GamerTag : Mikeyinthe813
Primary Position : LW
Alternate Positions : G
Availability : everyday
GRHL Experience: 1
Other Leagues (Prior): GRHL, LG
Other Leagues (Currently playing in): LG
You've read and agree to the GRHL Rules and Regulations: Yes
Did someone refer you here: myself.

League Media / Re: The Slap Shot S6 E5: Playoffs closing in
« on: March 09, 2014, 08:42:15 PM »
we go 5-1-1 and we barely get noticed for it, but when we do shit we get our ass handed to us in this... cmonnnn :(

League Media / Re: a look inside: a penguin taught me how to swim
« on: March 02, 2014, 08:22:46 PM »
lol catchy title, good luck miz i hope only the best for you, everett will no where to place you, and we will see eachother when we play eachother this week :P

League Media / Re: The Slap Shot S6 E3: Winds of Change
« on: February 25, 2014, 06:54:46 PM »
lol when the hell was i bugging you that we lost 9 games in a row?! lmaooo

League Media / Re: A look inside : NYI Goon who somehow scores
« on: February 25, 2014, 06:50:30 PM »

League Media / Re: The Spread Eagle Frozen Four S6 Ep1 Week 3
« on: February 23, 2014, 04:27:45 PM »
Last but surely not least, Shady Mf! Shady went 1-3
lemme guess thats wrong in the stats as well? lol

League Media / Re: The Spread Eagle Frozen Four S6 Ep1 Week 3
« on: February 23, 2014, 04:12:03 PM »
Unfortunately, my stats are not correct.  I did have 4 wins, but since my team doesn't enter stats... we also suffered a 4-0 Loss to Dallas which my team does not have player stats recorded :(

i aint re doing it lol

League Media / Re: The Spread Eagle Frozen Four S6 Ep1 Week 3
« on: February 23, 2014, 04:11:09 PM »
Will shifty finally get a Legit shutout for season 6?  I dont know what you mean by that, Is a shutout Vs Pens not a "legit shutout"

well an 8 shot shutout i wouldnt consider a shutout, nonetheless its a shutout

League Media / The Spread Eagle Frozen Four S6 Ep1 Week 3
« on: February 23, 2014, 03:47:35 PM »
Who comes to mind when thinking about the best goaltender in the NHL? Lundqvist? Bishop? Price? Rask?

Now think about who comes to mind when thinking about the Best Goaltender in the GRHL?

theres a lot of nominees that come to mind, and close ones at that. In the first edition of "The Spread Eagle Power Rankings", i'll be picking the top "frozen four" goalies of the week. Also, ill be talking about the Goalies that just barely didn't make it, and the ones who should stop playing goalie all together and pick a new position  ;). Like Bud Light always says, HERE WE GO!


1.) Fluxay
     now i was torn when i had to choose the first frozen four goalie of the week, because it was a close matchup between Fluxay and Jarreaux. But in the end, I choose Fluxay because not only did he help his team win, he went 4-0, the first time a goalie has achieved this amazing feat in the GRHL this season. not only did he go 4-0, but Fluxay boasted a GAA of 1.50! thats unheard of in 6's! Fluxay also held the highest Save Percentage of the week at a .887% with 53 save attempts and letting in only 6 goals in his four game span of week 3! not only did fluxay play phenomenal in week 3, but he also posted a shutout against the best team in the Western Conference! which brings his totals of shutouts for season 6 to a whopping 1! i see more in the future though in the later parts of season 6! so from what i can see, I know amazing goaltending is helping the Tampa Bay Lightning win their game while their having troubles in the front office with Canuck getting a suspension almost every week it seems, but also the defense seems to be helping out Fluxay as well! But, will Fluxay keep up his winning ways onto week 4? Will he get another shutout? Will he be the top "frozen Four" goalie of the week again next week? Will Fluxay keep playing like the god he is?  Will Canuck finally stop getting suspensions and finally input a line submission and stats? We shall see!

2.) Jarreaux
     Like i said with the top one frozen goalie of the week, this was a hard decision to make. the top two goalies played very well this week and im torn about putting our good buddy Jarreaux at spot number 2. In Week 3, Jarreaux also boasted a record in net of 3-2, but held a Save Percentage of .803% and held a GAA of 2.80, which is the fourth best GAA of the week. I choose Jarreaux to be placed in spot 2 of the frozen Four not only because did he help his team win 3 of his 5 games that he played of the week, but he was the only goalie who had played 5 games this week and achieved a GAA lower than 3 and SV% of over 80%! Looks like the new owner of the L.A. Kings has stepped it up in net this week, but will he keep it going next week? will he play 5 more games in net? how will he fare with his owner gone and him stepping up? We Shall see!

3.) Mikeyinthe813
    Now I know most of you guys will say, "oh wow he would put him self in the frozen four top goalies because he writes it.." but thats not the case, I'm ranking my self like i saw me playing goalie, just like the top two up there. Mikey went 1-2 with his record, but only playing 3 games he managed to salvage a .794 SV% with a GAA of 3.71 to go along with it. the only reason i choose mikey over Shifty MF was because mikey had 210 minutes on the ice and had 50 shots saved out of 63 going towards him, plus it seemed like mikey couldve went 3-0 very easily but EA sports never ceases to amaze us. Mikey sparked his team and seemed to start the ignition for the Islanders with a Overtime Win in Net against the St.Louis Blues so stop a 9 game lose streak to start a 3 game winning streak continuing into week 4. Will Mikey play net more with shady and useless being a goalie? Will mikey win some more games that dont end with 3.2 and 0.9 seconds? Will Nightbandit, Julian, and Levi get traded back to St.louis?!  ;)
We Shall See!

4) Shifty Mf
   Last but surely not least, Shady Mf! Shady went 1-3 in his four games he played for dallas, and collected a SV% of .767 and a GAA of 2.50 to help it look prettier. although Shifty had more minutes played than Mikey, 240 to 210, Shift had less shots fired at him with only 43 and him saving 33 of them. Will Shifty Get more games played? Will shifty finally get a Legit shutout for season 6? Will habsfan trade him for another goaltender? Will shifty get more than 1 win in a week? We Shall See!

Honorable Names that did not make the Frozen four goalies of the week goes too-
-Nj Tyrant
- Da Head1179
- Spezza x 19
- Nell

Goalies That should just pick anything but goalie of the week goes too -
- Dice Feiner
- Dino Executioner

If you did not play more than two games in net for the week you will never be on these lists unless its hilarious and have to put you on them.


Tune in Next week for the next edition of "The Spread Eagle Frozen Four" !

League Media / Re: soccer might quit
« on: February 23, 2014, 12:12:02 PM »
Yes he should, you know how much time and effort he puts into writing something he doesn't even get paid for with real money? Mira always funny and interesting to read. Keep at it bud!

League Media / Re: GRHL Podcast - Season 6 Episode 4
« on: February 21, 2014, 11:25:56 AM »
Top 3 goalie of the week? Wow thanks flux :)

League Media / Re: The SlapShot S6 E2: Surprises around every corner
« on: February 17, 2014, 08:00:57 PM »
i got goalie of the east of the week? wow, wasnt expecting that lol... this is actually really good, and thank god u called out the podcast, someone had to do it... :P keep it up bud

League Media / Re: Jarreaux's GRHL Week 2 Trending Topics
« on: February 17, 2014, 06:16:40 PM »
still confused on the PDO aspect of the article.... i understand it but at the same time whys it important? other then that, dookie island? hahah asshole :P keep it up jarr i like it :)

League Media / Re: Jarreaux's GRHL Week 1 Trending Topics
« on: February 12, 2014, 05:44:33 PM »
interesting article... btw it wasnt colors fault nor mine, it was killabeatz hence i did all i could to get everyone on our team redy for those two games and we did have everyone but killabeatz decides to have a no show and lose us those games.
and get ready this next week theres gonna be another goaltender coming up un expected :P
soccer and you did very well though in net i gotta give you guys that :)

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