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Welcome to the Gaming Rendo gaming community!

We here at GR focus on providing an online environment where our members come together to play the games they enjoy.

The Gaming Rendo Hockey League (GRHL) is currently in Season 6 using NHL 14! The GRHL invites you to experience a 6v6 hockey league the way its meant to be played.
Find out what it's like to participate in a salary cap-driven league where your performance each season determines your career value in the free agency market. After having your contract paid out or by contributing to our league media section, you can use those earnings to win real prizes. Join us today by following the link below!

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Most of you know me, although some of you don't - I am Nell, the GRHL Commissioner.  I like to think of myself as "The One Who Keeps Rendo From Completely Failing".  We started this league 4 seasons ago - breaking off from the things we knew to try making this world work for ourselves.  Now we're at a point when we're proud to have introduced our ideas to the Xbox NHL gamers, ideas like our Executive On Call and Emergency Call Up Systems, our tokens and raffles, our live draft and exclusive stat system.

That's right, somehow, someway we've managed to make or way to Season 5...relatively intact!  I'd like to take a moment to thank and talk about a few members of our community who have been around, stuck it out and contributed great things to the GRHL this past season.  Please remember, there have been MANY great people, all former Executives, most former Owners....and each and every player has a story to tell.  So many of you have helped us become what we are today (I actually had thanked many more people but chose to delete them...there was no point in thanking a few when you all deserve a special thanks!) but I don't have the laptop battery power to talk about each and every person.  So for now, here's a thanks to one particular Owner who caused no strife and some Execs who have put in so much effort!

xWantedx Canuck - This season, in regards to his duties an Owner - he has done an amazing job.  Every week I just couldn't believe how smoothly things were going, how well he seemed to know the rules and how easily we could communicate with him.  Reliable Owners who create a dynasty within the GRHL are regarded highly, thanks again Canuck!

NJ Tyrant -   I see the Executive put effort in day in and day out, season after season.  Tyrant came along in our first season of hiring on Junior Executives.  After a short trial, we welcomed him on board - bringing with him our fantastic Contract and Token systems we have today!  Even now he has responsibility over all cap management, etc.  Hard working Tyrantasaurus deserves a thumbs up!

emraith -   An early adopter of the GRHL way of life, emraith has been with us from the beginning - preparing rules, rosters and creating our entire site into what it is today!  emraith is a great Executive, and a valued gun toting, cooking disabled member of the community.

fluxay - Unfortunately fluxay had to take much of this season off in the spotlight (EoC duties), although he remained very active behind the scenes - fluxay the goon.  fluxay joined us when we invited a few members of the community to be Junior Executives.  After making it on full time, I began to learn of a different....scary side of fluxay that I never knew existed.  He is, and always will be, the Executives right hand man when it comes to laying down the law.

The Executives have spent much of this season repairing holes in regulations and thinking of ways to make things run smoother for management and players alike.  As most of you know, I wasn't picked up this season - so this is my first time in the GRHL, spending an entire season watching the league from the outside.  Trust me, it's an entirely different view.  

Anyway - if you're interested in Ownership for the first upcoming NHL 14 Season apply now by clicking on the link above the chatbox.  The Executives will contact you within a few days!

Added to portal by Nell - September 02, 2013, 11:52:10 AM
There are still plenty of spots to fill for Season 3 of GamingRendo GM Connected.  Just like with the GamingRendo Hockey League, there will be token rewards for GM Connected.  All players who manage a team in GM Connected and play for the majority of the season* will earn 100 tokens.  Every team that makes the playoffs will earn 25 tokens and if you win the cup you'll win an additional 75 tokens.

Tokens will be used in the future for raffled prizes, so explore the ways you can earn them as who knows what you may win in the future!

*The definition of "majority" will be determined by the GM Commissioners and GamingRendo.

Added to portal by GamingRendo - April 14, 2013, 11:16:58 PM
Henderson33 has done what no team in NHL history has ever done.  Having dominated the regular season he brought his A-game in the post-season.  He won the Cup with an unprecedented 16-0 record.  A carefully constructed team of speedsters helped him achieve this.  Congratulations to Henderson33 with the big win, and to the Commissioners that run the GRGM League for another great season.  Teams are available so head over to the GM forums and signup if you're interested.  There are preliminary discussions of tokens being awarded to active teams in the GM League so stay tuned for official announcements.

Added to portal by GamingRendo - April 09, 2013, 03:45:54 PM

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S7 Preseason
Mon @ 11PM
NJ Tyrant & Krnsdad(A)
Tue @ 10PM
Krnsdad & NJ Tyrant(A)
Tue @ 11PM
Krnsdad & NJ Tyrant(A)
Wed @ 10PM
GamingRendo & Fluxay(A)
Wed @ 11PM
GamingRendo & Fluxay(A)
Thu @ 10PM
copyguybri & NellDBI(A)
Thu @ 11PM
copyguybri & NellDBI(A)

ECU Requests must be sent
to both Executives on call.

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Boston Bruins
Owner: Tcx6plus1

New York Rangers
Owner: Kastor N Pollux


Tampa Bay
Owner: xwantedxcanuck

Toronto Maple Leafs
Owner: shady5545

Anaheim Ducks
Owner: Frazier4Heisman

Owner: jaxsonpride

Colorodo Avalanche
Owner: Jewbawwka

Owner: Habfan5693

Los Angeles
Owner: Jarreaux

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GRHL Facebook Raffle Winners - 3rd Place - Miz3da5reaper0 ($10 Gift Card & 250 Tokens) - 2nd Place - honoitsdanglerqc ($10 Gift Card & 250 Tokens) - 1st Place - MadeOfTwoFaces ($20 Gift Card & 500 Tokens)

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