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League Media / post game Calgary
« on: May 08, 2014, 02:03:59 AM »
Post game

1- Did you win/lose? (You can vent here then walk off) lol.

We won! I don't care what people say about pre-season to me a win is a win. Especially against the reigning champs. There were a few names I didn't know so I can expect a better line from Calgary in the future. It was a battle but we pulled it out strong.

2- What was the key to the win/lose?

(Don't blame anyone but yourself... Just kidding) 

For me it was puck movement. When it clicked we shined. Everyone on the team was involved and that's always a plus.

3- Did the opposing team surprise you in any way? Did they play how you expected?

With new names in the lines it was hard to expect too much. I can say I do expect to battle against them all season with close games frequently.

4- Any words to them for your next meeting on the ice?

Expect to get hit more next time.

League Media / mock interview questions
« on: May 07, 2014, 03:04:18 PM »
If you take things seriously too much then don't read. Its sad I have to even say that but people need to lighten up a little. We are here to ultimately have fun. Just be mindful of your comments towards others. I want competitive bashing not screw you quit the league you suck bashing.

Anyway these are some questions I been thinking off. Not to many. I figure if we keep it short and sweet more people would like to get involved. 

Also there are many guys in GRHL that are more creative and write better then I do. This is mainly for entertainment and it can be awesome with the communities help. If you want more team articles look at joey caldiero, black, or bad at life. One if not all should be to your liking.

If anyone wants to answer these questions that's all good with me. It just a start and more creative questions are welcome.

1- What team(s) do you face tonight?

2- How would you rate them overall?(holy cross creasers , versus puck hogs, slippy dekers, glitch goal glory)
*not in value order

3-Any one player you look forward to dominating? 

4- Final score prediction?

5-Any final comments for the team your going against?

Post game
1- Did you win/lose? (You can vent here then walk off) lol.

2- What was the key to the win/lose?
(Don't blame anyone but yourself... Just kidding) 

3- Did the opposing team surprise you in any way? Did they play how you expected?

4- Any words to them for your next meeting on the ice?

League Media / Season 7--Started from the bottom...wait what?
« on: May 05, 2014, 03:10:34 PM »
Yes I am back writing nonsense that noone understands. On another season in the GRHL being my third in a wonderful train ride of destruction. It has been awesome hitting all you guys these past seasons and I look forward to many more. 

On to the draft. All I have to say about that is WOW. Talk about getting some rookies. Was it cap space? Other leagues shutting down? Or friends coming back? I don't know and don't care for that matter. More people means more names to add to my list of "You just died!" So I formally invite all you rookies to die on the ice after I hit you. 

I however feel this sadness for all the veterans that did not get picked up. Rookies before veterans? Especially that many? With only four signings to owner I have to think it wasn't cap space. Hidden agendas? With all the late signups there could have been some kind of emergency meeting to expand to 12 before the draft. But that's just speculation. I have to wonder though what owners were thinking not taking some proven veterans in that draft. Even I left it early upset at how it was going and not thinking I would get picked up. Until I found out later Toronto snuck me in there close to the end. You are very sneaky shady. You didn't make me sweat you almost made me quit. Lol. Needless to say I was happy when I found out. We have an awesome team and I look forward to getting this season underway.

For all you rookies that got chosen above me be ready and live up to those picks. Don't let me show you up cause everyone in the league will know how bad you are. Lol. 

I wanna shout out ConsistentX who was the hitting leader last season. It was close for a while but I'm looking to take that crown this season. 

On another note. I still want to do some kind of pre-game/post-game interviews for players this season. I'm not just looking for superstars. I want more in the middle utility guys views. Other people have better articles for stats and things of the such. I wanna do something different and get some people in the light that normally get pushed to the back by the goal scorers and goalies. So if anyone wants to participate with questions they would like to have answered or want to do an interview which would be by some kind of text form. You can send me a pm or message on xbl.

Have a good season boys and gals.

Off-Topic Discussion / hmmm what to write??
« on: April 25, 2014, 05:07:55 PM »
So what's up guys. Season 7 will soon be upon us. I will be looking to do some interviews with players from the league during the season. It will be for entertainment to give players like me a chance to give their views on things like the league, their team, and players. Now I want it to be somewhat organized and have the players input in it as well. Although it does not mean all will be shown. Especially if many people contribute. But to get started I would like to know what questions do you the players want answers to?
Think pre-game and post game.

And so you know I will not change your words. So if I use it there will be quotes and of course a reference to you for participating. Thanks guys. Good luck to all this season.

General Postings / sjs - bkhl- miz
« on: April 01, 2014, 03:05:50 PM »
Anyone that has to play san Jose in the bkhl. I am available after 10pm. If u need to play earlier i can do somewhere between 6 and 8 pm if u let me know in advance to set it up.

League Media / a look inside: a penguin taught me how to swim
« on: March 02, 2014, 08:06:43 PM »
Let me start by saying all the new friends I made at the island I hope the best for you guys. I'm sure we still play anyway. 

So the island is a bad place to be right now. Doomed by indesicion and inconsistent play not because of lack of talent but lack of chemistry. The one thing they have going for them is that management is not afraid to make moves. Will that be good? It hasn't seemed to be working. Lets see if things can change for them. With management making moves every week you have to wonder if chemistry will ever be gained. Maybe the owner is looking to have a team for the off season but this season could be done before they have a chance to make a run. Showing no regard for the talent he has and looking for instant success, trades have been made to the detriment of the team. Nothing against the new guys but trades were made that were completely different from what they started as. I know there can be negotiating but sometimes you have to accept you can't make a deal cause your losing too much. Everytime you lose a game you cannot go into desperation mode especially as an owner. It takes a certain kind of experience to run a team. A certain kind of people skill to bring different personalities and play styles together. There will be trades all the way up to the deadline unless a 7-0 week happens. And if they can do it this week is the week for it as they have no games against Detroit. 

New York has seen many faces but Its just not happening at the island. Even I have become a victim in hopes of the team getting something better. My take is hey your loss cause I'm only gonna get better with time. One can only hope to say that with New York. Good luck but like they say in Sparta. "NO MERCY!!!". My hopes go out to troubleclef. He's a good defensemen I hope his team can help him out there. As for mikey whether its at net or left wing I'm gonna have fun playing against you and proving you should've kept me. That's if you ever face me.

I'm still wondering what special treatment I was given? Was it cause you asked me for advice and I gave it to you? Or was it cause you claim I was taking advantage of you? Maybe it's the realization that a noob goon like me could be better then you? What owner would want that? Not at the island that's for sure.

Anyway on to my new team. A lot of new names to get to know along with playstyles but I find myself reinvigorated for the last bit of the season. Now I got more motivation and more to prove. Even though someone ruined my chance at a hitting title imma still lay them down and keep giving my team a solid team player. My career is just getting started in the GRHL. Red tag Levi we out that island of lost. We went from an ok team to a great team and we about to do it up.

As of writing this my new team is tied with my old one. I'm looking forward to knocking them down hard these coming weeks. Its gonna be a fun end of season that's for sure. Can't wait to see how it ends. Looking forward to getting some wins and definitely some hits. There might even be goals in there too. Can't wait to just get out there and play some hockey.

 I was one of the last survivors but have been saved by penguins who swam through the sea until they arrived at an island. And on that island they met a goon. Who dubbed himself... Miz. Eager to rid himself of his old title he leaped into the sea. Swam and became free. Swam to find new light in the city of the Pitt. Become the one that makes them pay. One that shows them there mistake. Show no mercy and gain a new name. Acquire new peers to fight for. Start a new legacy. Show all the naysayers why they are wrong. And continue what needs to be finished. Only in the GRHL.

League Media / games that should be added to the league
« on: February 27, 2014, 02:57:27 AM »
So I've heard that many people that would catch a little girl fit about not being selected to a game. Well I say grow up and get over it. If u can deal with ea tilt, availability, bad owners, cheesy wraps, and everything else then you can deal with this. I have some things in mind and support from the community could help sway the decision in the end. Here we go.

1. League leaders game 

5 Players each division

This game is strictly league leaders up to the week prior to when the game is scheduled to be played. It is seperated by position so league leader for each position in each division to form two teams. If a player cannot participate or doesn't want to then next leader in that position is offered the game. This is for the cream of the crop. Bragging rights always up for grabs. Show the league why you at the top of those boards.

2. Rookie/Sophomore game

10 eligible players - can even be more then one game if there are enough for each team.

1st or 2nd season in grhl eligible only. Position change not eligible although FBV is rookie status. This of course is all about the eligible players. It would be a fun game to see how rookies stack up against those that have played a season. Could also be a scouting tool for savvy owners looking for breakout talent.

3.Owners nomination

Decided by Vote. To be decided by a community vote but lines nominated by owners. Owners cannot choose players from there own team or maybe one player max. This could be a fantasy game for some owners ultimately seeing players they could've had or thought about signing. Or to just pit that line you thought was the best.

4. Regional game U.S vs Canada

Can create multiple teams. 2, 3 or 4 owners or GM of each region picks there team out of pool players. Cause who doesn't wanna play for there country.

These are more for fun then competition.

5. All one position game

So every position would be filled with all centers for example. This is purely for fun and comical aspects. Could be a funny highlight reel. Lol.

6. Flip team game

Skaters switch positions with defense and goalie. So the center becomes goalie and vice versa.

7. Shoot out game

Since they won't give us the mode why not make it ourselves. Lol. First to 15 points win. Oh the craziness that can be happening with this. Can you say highlight city!

Well that's all I got for right now. If you think any of these are GRHL worthy...I don't know like it, post something, or do what makes you happy. Lol. If you got any you wanna add feel free. 

League Media / power rankings
« on: February 26, 2014, 05:59:29 PM »
To all those players that do a power ranking section how about including a schedule strength aspect. Cause lets be serious. It matters a lot. When u have a top team going against bottom teams at least 4 games out of the week its no wonder they have good records.

League Media / A look inside : NYI Goon who somehow scores extended
« on: February 25, 2014, 10:31:01 PM »
New York Islanders Right Wing Second Line-Miz3Da5Reaper0

What can I say its easy to write about me and things from my view. Lets make it a trend and get a look inside the minds of the GRHL community, there teams, stats, maybe even something personal or not. 

I started off with a snippet of me being a goon. Now i wanna venture into the team where i found my home in season 6- The New York Islanders. Yea I said it. Don't put that whatever look. That they aren't doing nothing look. We knew at the start that's what we were gonna go through. But we showed early that we could do it. We've had road blocks but have rounded up a competitive team that looks forward to winning. 

 I was gonna start with offense but instead let me go with the defense including the goalie because I believe the tendy is part of that. So starting off with useless goalie who is not useless and will be a key in our success. Already posting a shut out. Shout out the the guys that played that game. And then mikey who cannot decide where he's needed. I say goalie and take the reign from the subpar goalies in the league who I still can't score on. Lol. And of course to defend our net protecters we have troubleclef who has been orchastrating what I feel is some of the best defense in the league. With his team of d-men including jrkface, sqwerl, and red tag levi. I have been very confident having them back there while I'm up forechecking. Offense is easy to see but defense to me is an important piece of any team. Some people would rather have a team that can score 8. I rather have a team that can hold that team to 1 or 2. And I feel our D is capable of that on a consistent basis.

Now for the forwards. So on our roster we have the weapons of Julian(Ju-wels), Nightbandit(NB), Chickenwithbomb(CWB), Dangles(bang bang dang), sometimes mikey(don't snipe me), and rounding that off with the goon who somehow scores. We seem to score when we need to but been having issues closing games. Which is tough for our tendy and hard working D. When our forechecking and Defense are clicking games seem to be easy. When the puck can't get out of the defensive zone we have issues as many teams would. I see potential in the lines and growth in the team when the chemistry clicks. We can beat any team especially when our defense is working top caliber. Sorry to the team thats there when we click on offense and defense. 

Individually I have much more room to grow. Stat wise I am doing far better then last season and on pace for some decent offensive numbers and top hitting in the league. And this is only my first nhl game. And second season in GR.  My defense still needs work but has made progress in consistency and discipline. All while still tweaking my build. My offense definitely needs to grow if I want to be a top scorer in the league but that's something I never strived for although I'm not good at dangling or breakaways I seem to find ways to get it in the net right mikey. Trouble thinks its positioning. I always thinks its team play. I rather be a great team then an all-star. A player that can be on any team but chose the great island. I wanna be known to have been here when we started it. To make something great out of a team that everyone counted out just because they were new. Its something that's needed in a league that's use to the same teams fighting it out in the playoffs. As the underdogs we are here to shake things up. And I always look forward to the challenge. 

If anyone has ideas for some inside look topics, ideas, or who you would like to see join in the inside topics textual laundry feel free to let me know and lets try to convince . I hope this can become something we as players can look forward to doing whether for perspective of your team or even saying some things you think might help your team or even starting an inside team rivalry to spark your team for some momentum. 

League Media / A look inside : NYI Goon who somehow scores
« on: February 25, 2014, 06:31:42 PM »
First off I wanna say that I don't consider myself a goon although the word has been thrown out there. I would say I'm an average player based on last season stats. But I'm also a growing player in all senses. Its my second season in GR. My first real hockey game. And yet I am in the middle of the pack in a league full of veteran players not only to the league but hockey itself. So yea I think I have something to be proud of in that aspect. But I have so much more to prove and so many areas to improve on (breakaways) I know mikey. But somewhere along season 5 I found something I could do to help my team even if it wasn't scoring. That was hitting. It can change a game in many ways and people really should appreciate it more just like a good goalie. But I knew that simply hitting wasn't gonna do it in a league filled with puck holders and Deking artisans. So I worked on positioning, defense, back checking which become very important to me as I have broken many plays and scorers from getting a clean open look.

Sometimes I wonder if all that hitting is worth it? Does my offense suffer cause of it? I think about it but my mind has always been defense first. Offense can always come later especially in a team game. Defense is the difference between a breakaway and a blocked shot or turnover. And that creates more opportunities for offense. I have always been a team player and I'm always willing to learn. Maybe that's where the transition to mini-goon came from. Watching Detroit just crush people on the ice laying them out. I just thought I can definitely do that. Lol. Now I just wanna be part of a team that wants to win and I found that on the island. And we believe we are contenders no matter how people look at it. Yes only time will tell.
Remember this if we don't believe in ourselves then we already lost. I believe we are winners but for us to be winners we gotta win.

Lets go get it NYI and show this league it ain't so bad being on an island!

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