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GamingRendo Hockey League / Re: NHL 15 ?
« on: June 16, 2014, 11:30:29 AM »
thread derailed. good job. this is how lenin came to power

Thank you jim, for being on at ridiculous in the morning to post this.  Allow me to secure that point.

GamingRendo Hockey League / Re: NHL 15 ?
« on: June 13, 2014, 01:50:40 PM »
It all comes down to money. I would like to stay on the 360 and get NHL 15 but I know the majority want Xbox One with NHL 15 which is an option I don't have.  If they move forward, then fine, but it would make this my first, and last season.  Like Nell posted above, if the world were perfect and made from some chocolate product then everyone would have an Xbox One, but sadly it isn't.  For me, I have children to take care of first. I say wait till late this year/ beginning of next year to start a xb1 league, or commerate with a new years day opener. I also cannot justify buying a next gen console just for NHL 15 (14.2). It will be a difficult decision but I believe more time needs to be given before making any kind of final verdict

OMG we agree on something?  Something strange is going on in the universe lmao...

Yeah, cannot justify buying an XB1 or two when Christmas is just around the corner.

On the other hand, if I were to call myself a psychic - my prediction would be: "We'll be moving to XB1 with NHL15 - we'll wind up with one machine and a shoestring budget.  I'll take the season off and just 'run things' behind the scenes."

GamingRendo Hockey League / Re: NHL 15 ?
« on: June 12, 2014, 08:54:18 PM »
If life were made of rainbows and chocolate odds are choice #1 would be the obvious way to go.  That is clearly where we would like to see our future as a league.

Unfortunately running a website like this doesn't exactly make for a league in which you're 'rolling in extra cash' to ensure every executive and player has an XB1 handy.  As it stands Rendo and I would BOTH need to purchase one. 

That's XB1x2.  That's a lot of money.

OR You and Rendo only buy 1 XB1 and share it, Saves money until you can buy another and for any execs that dont make the jump to NHL 15 on the X1 im sure you can find few people that will be an exec in replacement until they do.

I believe at this moment we have approached the only group of people we would like to bring on as Executives in any way.  If anything we're always looking for more reliable Owners who can stick it out for a season without causing a ruckus or quitting.

We more than likely WILL get one XB1, that still does not make for very conducive league gaming.  Cannot guarantee we will have a machine in time for the game release either.

GamingRendo Hockey League / Re: NHL 15 ?
« on: June 12, 2014, 07:46:06 PM »
If life were made of rainbows and chocolate odds are choice #1 would be the obvious way to go.  That is clearly where we would like to see our future as a league.

Unfortunately running a website like this doesn't exactly make for a league in which you're 'rolling in extra cash' to ensure every executive and player has an XB1 handy.  As it stands Rendo and I would BOTH need to purchase one. 

That's XB1x2.  That's a lot of money.

League Media / Re: Week 3 in Review: An Abbreviated Btosh Joint
« on: June 04, 2014, 09:37:37 AM »
There are a few things required to be a good goalie:

- A high goalie card (stats) - without this you can be a square to the shots as you want, you won't be quick enough or 'smart' enough to stop them.  Without it your goalie is likely to fling his blocker up to block air instead of stopping the five hole while the puck slides in.

- A team in front of you that you can trust to stop the obvious shots and give you confidence that you can simply 'take the shooter'.

- Some sort of skill in being able to read the play.  This is obvious.

- Luck.  If the teams you're playing are taking few shots, but high percentage shots, the likelihood of those few shots going in are pretty high.

A goalies stats are not only reflective of their own skill as much as we'd love to believe it is.  It is highly influenced by the team around them, therefor it is obvious a goalie on a team they can play confidently behind will have much higher stats.  A team with turmoil and drama or that has a player bringing them down can affect how the goalie looks and plays in the end.

My input for the day!  Fun to read btosh!

League Media / Re: The Slap Shot S7 E3: A tight week one
« on: May 20, 2014, 08:47:02 AM »
The fun thing about either being really good or really bad is you always get a shout out. :P

If I were on Colorado my stats would rock.

My goal is no different from last season, and the one before: don't create a record for having the worst team record in GRHL history.  I'm feeling confident in my team's ability to win at least 7 wins, though I have a feeling those might all come in the first week.  But seriously, the playoffs would be awesome.

I'm pretty sure Nightblade already owns that.

If you forget the Days of Nightblade - you must be crazy.  Although finishing the season with single digit wins is pretty sad.

I always love the content and writing ability I see from you B-Tosh!  (That's right, I don't play this gamertag changing nonsense!)

League Media / Re: The Slap Shot S7 E2: preseason comes and goes
« on: May 10, 2014, 09:03:02 AM »
Yep, I had one bad game this week....REALLY bad mind you, but only one. 

I love preseason, and even soccer knows enough to understand that preseason is a shitty barometer of how the regular season ever turns out.  This season Calgary only brought back a few players, the rest of them are new so we're all learning how to play together and to see who plays well with who. (Except for goalies of course, hard to mesh goalie play with player play.)  I have no claim to the cup my team won last season, but I'm still proud of all of them and am looking forward to trying really hard because this season the ante was upped with our new group of Owners.

Now, although I am usually a cool-headed cucumber - that game this week made me lose my mind.  I showed my frustration for both myself and my team, because that game we sucked ballsacks.  I vented on the poor chatbox.  :(  (Unplugging my headset just wasn't enough.)

Good luck to all the bros, I definitely had NO confidence this week but will turn my sunshine pewpewpew attitude on this week!  soccer, I still hope you get picked up - how can everyone else prove how terrible they believe you to be if you're not playing!?


League Media / Re: The Inside Scoop S7 E1
« on: May 09, 2014, 12:12:34 AM »
Joey Caldiero: You donít have to worry about Calgary this season. According to Nellís theory they went rule followers and good personality over talent.

I didn't say there was no talent, I was making a point as to why someone with as little skill as me is getting signed over someone like you.  I'd like to think that I was correct and that it makes perfect sense and is nothing to be frowned upon.

League Media / Re: mock interview questions
« on: May 08, 2014, 08:45:31 AM »
Post game
1- Did you win/lose?

LOSE.......see Mercy Rule.

2- What was the key to the win/lose?

Somewhere between the 5 shots we took, my failure at goaltending, some skills put up by TBL and some fails on the ice we just didn't mesh last night.  Might not be the best line up to run with regular season! lmao....

3- Did the opposing team surprise you in any way? Did they play how you expected?

They played exactly the way I expected, TONS of goals (9).  It was my team that surprised me.

4- Any words to them for your next meeting on the ice?

Alright, listen up bitches.  Next time we meet, my main goal is to win, then it is to do battle.  Let's not allow that rapefest to happen again!

League Media / Re: mock interview questions
« on: May 07, 2014, 06:25:03 PM »
1- What team(s) do you face tonight?

Tampa Bay

2- How would you rate them overall?

xwantedx canuck has a history of putting together great teams, it would surprise me if tonight was a cakewalk.

3-Any one player you look forward to dominating?

Well, EyeTalkDooDoo their goalie was on our team last season so it would be fun to beat him (especially if I have an opportunity to do BATTLE!)

4- Final score prediction?

5-4 CGY, although prodigy and chan will be out there so we may have to change who that win is in favor of. :P  (Those boys certainly know how to throw it in the back of the net.)  Honestly that score will probably be wrong, all I know is there will be a lot of goals.

5-Any final comments for the team your going against?

No Rendo in the game tonight because he's on EoC duties - this should work in our favor as he spent too much time in the box last night.  So, as long as we play like we did last night I don't see there being any problems. 

League Media / Re: The SlapShot S7 E1: Draft Analysis
« on: May 07, 2014, 06:16:35 PM »
Also soccer, no matter what happens I hope you get picked up in the end.  Everyone deserves to play, however we had some new sign ups and even the increase in teams didn't allow for enough players to be picked up.

League Media / Re: The SlapShot S7 E1: Draft Analysis
« on: May 07, 2014, 06:13:39 PM »
Better goalie than me or not, maybe it's not all about the goal tending and partially about the personality?  I'm not great pals with all of these guys, I only know a couple of people on my team - but I'm always nice and never blame anyone for failing on the ice.  I have a great attitude even through my and my teams issues...I think that's another reason I was signed.

We've never played together (obviously being both goalies) so I don't know your personality - only hear the rumors.

League Media / Re: The SlapShot S7 E1: Draft Analysis
« on: May 06, 2014, 09:13:41 AM »
So much Rage Against The starting a new band?

Just like every other player in the league why is it a problem for Executives to play on a team?  Jaxson had 2 Execs last season (as I imagine many have in the past), I'm guessing not because "We're so great." or "We think we deserve to choose a winning team in FA." but because we are reliable, don't cause drama and know the rules.

Who WOULDN'T pick up a reliable player who knows the rules?

I'm just getting tired of people ragging on the Execs all the time, we're cheaters - we're changing rules for ourselves.  How much would we really need to care in order to make that happen?  A lot.  That's a lot of extra-stupid caring that we just don't have in us anymore.

Still, I enjoy people writing, have read every post so far and I'm looking forward to more.

Rules and Regulations / R&R Table Of Contents
« on: May 02, 2014, 01:12:13 PM »
Rules and Regulations - Table Of Contents

[1] GRHL Salary Cap Rulebook
[1.1] Rulebook Terminology
[1.2] Schedule
    [1.2a] Draft Details
[1.3] Salary Cap Information
[1.4] Roster Structure and Limitations
[1.5] Contracts
[1.6] Players
[1.7] Owners
[1.8] Token Payouts
[1.9] Token Spending

[2] Playoff Procedures

[2.1] Playoff Layout
    [2.1a] Tied Teams
    [2.1b] Lines
    [2.1c] Games Min/Max
[2.2] Game Start Times - Playoffs
[2.3] Suspensions
[2.4] Executive On Call
[2.5] Emergency Call Ups

[3] Players Code of Conduct

[4] Board of Governors Portfolios

[4.1] Executive Committee Portfolios
[4.2] Management Portfolios

[5] Game Procedures

[5.1] Guidelines
    [5.1a] Game Min/Max
[5.2] Holiday Schedule
[5.3] Rescheduling Games
[5.4] Lobby Set-Up/Game Settings
    [5.4a] Game Start Times
[5.5] Documenting Stats and Nightly Lines
[5.6] Executive Member On-Call, (Director On-Call) Guidelines
[5.7] ECUs and the Master List
    [5.7a] More ECU Information
    [5.7b] Even More ECU Information
    [5.7c] The Player
    [5.7b] The Team

[6] Trade Guidelines

[7] Gameplay Rules

[7.1] Player Scheduling & Play
[7.2] Lag-outs
    [7.2a] Skater Lag-outs
    [7.2b] Goalie/Lag-outs ~ Multiple Players
    [7.2c] Multiple Lag-outs ~ Single Player
[7.3] Game Loops
    [7.3a] Game Loops and Ends Play (disconnection)
    [7.3b] Game Loops and Play Restarts (rewind time, no disconnection)
[7.4] Mercy/Gentlemen Rule
[7.5] A.I. Scoring
[7.6] Actual Game Play
[7.7] Disallowed Goals

[8] Judiciary Guidelines

[8.1] The Basics
[8.2] Forfeits
[8.3] Complaints Process
[8.4] Appeals Process
[8.5] Evidence
[8.6] Player Releases
[8.7] Player Discipline
    [8.7a] Gameplay Infractions
    [8.7b] Chatbox/Forums & XBL Infractions
[8.8] Owner Discipline

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S7 Preseason
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Tue @ 11PM
Krnsdad & NJ Tyrant(A)
Wed @ 10PM
GamingRendo & Fluxay(A)
Wed @ 11PM
GamingRendo & Fluxay(A)
Thu @ 10PM
copyguybri & NellDBI(A)
Thu @ 11PM
copyguybri & NellDBI(A)

ECU Requests must be sent
to both Executives on call.

 BoD List -

Boston Bruins
Owner: Tcx6plus1

New York Rangers
Owner: Kastor N Pollux


Tampa Bay
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Toronto Maple Leafs
Owner: shady5545

Anaheim Ducks
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Owner: jaxsonpride

Colorodo Avalanche
Owner: Jewbawwka

Owner: Habfan5693

Los Angeles
Owner: Jarreaux

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